We've worked with the minds behind some great ideas over the last 15 years...and also some not so great ones! But that's OK, when you are starting out with a new concept you might just want to talk to someone 'in the know' about whether your idea is viable as a design that can be taken right through to manufacture.

We appreciate that your funds might be limited - and you might be risking some of your own money, so we'll strive to take your idea seriously and give you an honest and unbiased view of its feasibility.

If you decide to take the design forwards with us, you can expect us to be creative and innovative, thorough and professional.


Arnia Beehive Monitor

Arnia sells a range of products which monitor the health and productivity of bees. The devices sense the environmental conditions in and around a hive and transmit them to a central database using various wireless technologies. Evolto has worked with them from the start...

Dr Huw Evans, Founder, Arnia: "I approached Evolto with my concept for an IoT beehive monitor on receipt of funding to build the first prototype. I was really impressed by the ideas they brought to the party, but also by their ability to develop and deliver the device even though the spec was far from detailed at that point. Throughout our transition into a business, Evolto gave us support and successfully implemented many of the product variants that we offer our customers today."